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easyBo Photo Service

Floor presentation at specialized retailers

A floor presentation at a local easyBo partner near you combines the perfect representation of the floors with a qualified consultation. All easyBo partners use the ESIGN Floor Studios as a presentation program in order to install your desired floor in your own room photo. Upon request, you obtain a photorealistic expression of your new floor in the room photo. This way, you can already see the result before the floor has been installed in the room.

How does the floor presentation work at a local specialized retailer?

  • 01.Photograph your room
  • In the first step, photograph the room in which you want to install the new floor.

  • 02.Upload your original photo
  • Contact your desired easyBo partner by phone or online form and make an appointment for the presentation. To do so, send an image file of your room photo to the easyBo partner.

  • 03.Select your new floor
  • Together, you select your favorite floors and determine the installation pattern. The easyBo partner will advise you in detail on the features of the selected floors.

  • 04.Installation of the new floor in the room photo
  • The easyBo partner presents your favorites in the room photo. Questions regarding the floor covering and installation are answered immediately during the presentation. The easyBo partner will print out a photorealistic view of the room with your floor upon request.