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easyBo Photo Service

Install the floor of your dreams online in your own room photo

With the easyBo Photo Service and the presentation program Web Floor Studio, you can use the Internet as an interactive consultation tool for residential styles. Install different flooring products from a variety of manufacturers directly in your room photo until you have found the floor of your dreams.

You can save each installed floor to your favorites and print out your room photo with the installed floor together with the product description. If you have selected the "Wall" option for processing your room photo, you can additionally apply colors to your walls that match your floor.

But the Web Floor Studio applications of the manufacturers don't just cover residential areas. The industrial flooring products offered also allow architects and builders to install floors in real room photos or in 3D renderings and to import them as 3D objects into their own designs via CAD service.

How to upload your own room photo to Web Floor Studio

  • 01.Register for a floor presentation
  • In the first step, open the easyBo Photo Service page. Depending on the manufacturer, the easyBo Photo Service may have a different name such as "Your Room," "My Living Room" or "My Photo."

    Enter your e-mail address and the password for your easyBo Photo Service account. Click on "Login." You will be automatically routed to the floor presentation.

  • IMPORTANT: For security reasons, you must register again with each manufacturer.

  • 02.Select your own room photo
  • When you open the room selection, you will see the additional room category "My Room." Click on this category to upload your own room photos.

    Click on the desired room photo to keep it for the floor presentation. Then you can install any floor in your room photo.

  • 03.Log out of Web Floor Studio
  • When you are ready to terminate the floor presentation, open the easyBo Photo Service and click on "Logout."